Digicel Marks Customer Day

Digicel PNG joined its global community in celebrating its first ever Customer Day.

The PNG office and its 7000 employees across 32 countries worldwide partnering up to serve customers directly as they worked to put the ‘US’ in Customer.

The ‘Customer Day’ saw all Digicel staff in every location and market, functions and teams dedicate an entire day to all things customer.

All of Digicel’s global 3500 Non-customer facing staff partnered with customer-facing staff like a Customer Care agent to take customer calls, respond to customers on web chat, go on a truck roll with the Digicel technical and installation team, or attending to customers in-store or at meetings with corporate customers.

Digicel Group CEO, Oliver Coughlan commented on the drive to put customers at the centre of everything the organization.

“Truth be told, without our customers, we don’t have a business. We take that responsibility to serve them very seriously and we always want to do better and be better for them. So our Customer Day was a chance to walk in the shoes of our amazing customer-facing employees, learn from them and from our customers – and thank them.”

 “This was all about putting the ‘US’ in customer and I could not be more proud and thrilled at how our 7,000 people worldwide responded to the challenge.

“The energy and enthusiasm from our people and our customers was sky high and it was such a success that we will be making it a regular thing,” he added.

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