Digicel Business to drive IT services to the cloud

Digicel Business is pleased to announce the availability of Microsoft Office 365 for all their customers in Papua New Guinea.

As the largest Telecommunications and Entertainment Company in Papua New Guinea, it is well-known for its wide network coverage, providing internet connectivity to all sizes of businesses across all of PNG.

In this very fast changing world; Digicel Business is bringing the latest technologies to their customers to help them meet their current and future ICT needs.

Over the last few years Digicel Business has been securing partnerships with world technology leaders such as Cisco, Riverbed, Intelsat, Microsoft and many others.

Digicel Business, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), cannot only provide all Microsoft software and services, but also has the resources to provide the necessary support to its customers to help them with migration to the cloud and assist them with on-going technical support.

Whether it’s a large multi-national or a small SMB, Office 365 will help them increase employee productivity, collaboration and security whilst decreasing their IT costs. 

This is the most effective way to always have the latest version of Microsoft Office available on your PC/Mac, mobile and tablet connecting to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business in the cloud. 

Additionally you also have access to all the new Microsoft Apps including Planner, PowerApps, Flow, Stream, StaffHub and many more.

To celebrate the launch Of Office 365, Digicel Business are bundling Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions with their unlimited internet services. 

You get 5 free subscriptions for every 1MB of bandwidth; this offer applies to all existing customers as well as new ones.  By adding this extra value to your Digicel Business unlimited internet service we are directly reducing the ICT costs for your organisation. 

Terms and conditions apply; contact your Digicel Account Manager for full details of how you can start using Office 365.

To make this launch a big success, Digicel Business brings in PNG the Digicel Head of Microsoft Online Services, Nigel Horncastle. Nigel has been active in the design and implementation of telecommunications and Information and Communication Technology solutions for over 35 years whilst working for Telco’s, vendors, consultants and clients.

His solutions have been implemented in public and private sector organisations, often integrated with existing line of business systems, communications platforms and applications.  

Over the last 10 years his focus has shifted from on-premises focused solutions to cloud hosted focused solutions that ease the compliance and corporate governance burdens placed on organizations, as well as embracing the challenges associated with change, disaster recovery, business continuity and knowledge management while  at the same time reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  

He has spent the last seven years as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Consultant working in the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain and now the Caribbean and APAC. 

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