Consultation important at workplace: Manager

Effective consultation and communication in the work place is essential at all stages of risk management.

This was emphasised during a Risk Management Training conducted for Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) employees at its Madang operations base last week.

The training was conducted by Ramu NiCo’s Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department quality assurance manager, Bernice Suma.

Ms Suma stressed that it is important to report all hazards to appropriate supervisors immediately.

“Employees’ wellbeing is very important, therefore effective consultation and communication must be maintained at all times.”

The training discussed that maintaining a safe workplace requires effective risk management, continuous improvement, appropriate behavioural tools and commitment from everyone.

The event was attended by selected employees from HSE, administration, human resources and community affairs departments of Ramu NiCo.

During the three-day course, team leaders completed the risk management module in operational risk management.

In the module, the training covered the importance of risk management, the RNML risk management approach, high level and low level risks; risk controls including operational and behavioral approaches; the six main risk management tools used at RNML and when they are used.

The trainees were also introduced to the fundamentals of identifying hazards. Moreover, they were introduced to three types of hazards: Visible (obvious) hazards, hidden (concealed) hazards and developing hazards.

Madang base administration staff/receptionist, Janet Tindipu, said the training was a real eye-opener.

Another female employee from Madang base HR dept, Lovelyn Kavata, said the training was very helpful in identifying hazards which have the potential to hurt, and also how every person has a responsibility for himself/herself and their colleagues.

Similar trainings were conducted last year at Ramu NiCo’s Basamuk Refinery and the Kurumbukari Mine.

(Picture: Project Risk Coach)

James Kila