Calls for more banks in Maprik

Banking in Maprik Town has created many barriers and is somewhat of a burden to the locals.

This issue is seen to be caused by the lack of Banks in the District.

Member for Maprik, John Simon, noted that banking is of great importance and it will also ensure that locals especially will save their money.

He said at the moment Maprik has only one bank which can only be described as not fully functional, as it does not efficiently serve the people.

He said the Town is in need of more banks to improve banking services for the people.

Simon also noted that he is willing to cater for other banks who wish to operate in the District.

"We can cater for other banks if and when they are willing to operate in the town, if it's land they want, we can make that available, we can meet all requirements needed for a fully-fledged commercial bank", he said.

The town has catered for thousands of people daily for years he added.

Different banks are needed in this district.

Imelda Wavik