Businesses in Goroka to be investigated

All businesses operating in Goroka will be looked into in 2018.

Eastern Highlands Governor Peter Numu says he has already discussed with relevant authorities and has come up with an investigation team to look into issues faced by locals. This includes investigating salaries.

In an effort to weed out corruption in Eastern Highland Province, the Governor said it’s about time the Government does the right thing and fight for what rightfully belongs to its people.

He said many companies are operating illegally in the province and have used local people as cheap labour.

“Many local people were paid K80-K90 in a fortnight, which is really bad,” stated Numu.

“As a Governor, I cannot just see what is happening to my people.

“Therefore in 2018, I will be investigating all businesses operating in the province to make sure to adapt to the rules and regulations of the Labour Department.”

Numu added that this sort of exercise is to protect the people in terms of labour and get the illegal businesses to face the full force of the law.

Numu was elected as Governor in this year’s election.

He took the reins from Julie Soso, who was one of the only three female MPs in the 9th Parliament.

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Freddy Mou