Burden to lessen for Goilala farmers

Goilala is the sixth district to enter into a partnership deal with the Coffee Industry Corporation to revive coffee extension in the area.

The district used to be the top coffee producer in the Southern Region up until the decline of government services in the area in recent years.

Coffee has grown wild in the district due to logistical challenges and loss of interest by farmers mainly due to high cost of transportation.

Coffee farmers from Tapini LLG expressed concerns on transporting coffee to the markets in Port Moresby.

A farmer pays K50 per bag to be transported to Port Moresby and K100 PMV fare for himself.

The partnership will pave the way for coffee work to commence as soon as possible in the district.

Remote areas such as Tapini are said to benefit through CIC’s freight subsidy scheme and other extension packages under the new agreement.

Moreover, the partnership will focus on sustaining maximum production through application of technical innovations and processing and market access for farmers in the area.

Carolyn Ure