BSP, tax compliant

BSP Financial Group Limited have paid K320 million in provisional tax for the first quarter of the financial year to the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC).

The payment due in April 2023, was paid early on March 24, 2023.

IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim confirmed that the tax organization received this payment.

He said the tax payment was paid on the 45 per cent rate. He acknowledged that BSP is a tax compliant organization.

BSP Chief Executive Officer , Mark Robinson said, “We’re thrilled in the country to deliver world class banking services to our clients and that of course is our first priority, alongside that, we’re obviously both a taxpayer ourselves and obviously comply with all the laws and applicable regulations including taxes in the country.”

Robinson said the bank takes the paying of taxes “very seriously” as the value of doing so can be seen “around us.” He says that is an important aspect as well.

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