BSP Staff Lauds Training Program

Bank South Pacific staff were able to further their education qualification thanks to its employer for making this possible.

Molong Bole from Waigani Drive Branch was among a group of six that graduated in Port Moresby last week with Diploma in Business with Banking Electives.

“As a banking officer, this achievement has enhanced my knowledge in banking and finance, to give my best and perform to my full potential. This great learning opportunity has enriched my knowledge in fostering customer relationships on a daily basis, a critical aspect of my current role,” Mrs Molong said.

Molong, who commenced with BSP 10 years ago with a Grade 12 Certificate, now has a Diploma qualification.

“This sponsored training by BSP with the Torrens University, Australia, was the first of its kind for me. The opportunity enabled me to work towards achieving an advanced qualification, which is a milestone achievement for my family, my employer and myself,” said Molong.

Coincidently, Molong’s husband, Stanley Bole, Port Moresby Branch Manager, was also among the group. He graduated with High Distinction in the Diploma of Banking & Finance program with 11 others so it was a proud “family affair” when both received their certificates in the presence of their children.

“All in all, education doesn’t end when one has a steady job, it is more convenient and fitting that one gets to advance their knowledge by pursuing further studies that is relevant towards one’s line of work,” Molong added.

Presley Katpi, a staff of BSP for 11 years who also undertook the Diploma in Banking & Finance, graduating with Distinction said: “For me I want to grow professionally within the Bank. They say knowledge is power, when I have a better understanding then I can be able to perform better at my job and or do other tasks assigned to me.”

“This is another milestone achievement to myself, my family, my community and my tribe. My family is very supportive and always there to push me and motivate me to go to that next level. 

“I am grateful to my loving wife for being supportive and encouraging whenever I am in doubt. She always believes in me wanting me to succeed.  For everything we do, God takes centre spot,” Katpi added.

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