BSP Financial Group has new Group CEO

BSP Financial Group has announced Mark Robinson as new Group Chief Executive Officer.

He officially take on the new role in March 2023. Robinson, who hails from USA but originally from New Zealand will talk over predecessor, Robin Fleming, who left at the end of last year.

The announcement was made during the BSP Group Leadership Forum held in Port Moresby on Saturday 28 January, where management staff convened from all over Pacific and other markets.

Robinson who arrived in Papua New Guinea for the first time on Wednesday 25th January, said he wanted to come at this time unofficially so that he can meet the leaders of the BSP Financial Group across the Pacific and South East Asia.

“Why I’m here for the group leadership forum, it was Sir Costas and Bradshaw said look if you could make it out before your start date, we bring a lot of senior people to PNG and we’d like you to come up and I said that’s a great idea. Otherwise, it might be sometime before I would get to meet everybody. Therefore, I came up a few days early and I fly out on Tuesday. Within a very short time, I felt incredibly fortunate to be able to interact with many of you,” Robinson said.

He has over 30 years in financial and banking services having a wealth of knowledge and experience in both wholesale and retail and invested banking gained across various markets both emerging and developed and in senior executive roles.

“A long career professionally in banking, I was management trainee and joined the big US bank right out of University. That was Citi Bank. My first job was assigned overseas to work in Pakistan where I spent three years I then went back to New York for several years work in various departments there including HR,” said Robinson

Frieda Kana