Bridging ICT in PNG

May 17th marked World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2021.

At the launch of the new Tok Pisin website for Get Safe Online PNG, the Information and Communications Technology Manager for Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd (KTHL), Rungi Pingi highlighted that the country’s diversity of languages and physical geography makes communication a difficult task.

Pingi said, “PNG is certainly a land of many unexpected corners and turns as you drive along the highway of information and digital connectivity.”

He added that establishing communication to all parts of the country, especially the most remote locations would prove a great difficulty.

“But it can be done over time, I don’t see that as the main challenge in getting communication across every corner of Papua New Guinea,” he said.

Pingi called on the government to implement clear strategies for the policies that are in place in the ICT department.  

“We need strong leadership at the executive arm of the government that can understand the transformations of information and communications technology and the benefits that it brings out.  

“The policies that they are coming up with must have clear strategies for implementation,” he said.

Pingi acknowledged the challenges faced by utility companies and also by the government.  

 “…ICT companies can transcend these barriers through information technology and reach those people no matter where they are in the rural parts of PNG.

“We just need the right kind of leadership, policy and strategy,” Pingi said.

He said information is power and has the ability to change lives.   

The ICT Manager encouraged all that were present for the launch of the Tok Pisin website that the core objective of the communication industry is to bridge the divide that exists between the people that are connected and people that are yet to be.  

Marysilla Kellerton