Bizarre plants on sale

As Christmas fast approaches, many vendors will be looking to cash in on the festive hype.

Two vendors in the nation’s capital aim to capitalise on this opportunity by selling plants.

But these are not just ordinary plants!

If you have driven along the Sir John Guise Stadium freeway over the last two days, you would have come across these two men, carrying and displaying very unusual looking plants.

Kaupa Katu from Simbu, and Wainko Tua, from Eastern Highlands Province, are the two individuals with their unique produce.

Katu has already sold a few while Tua is only starting and obviously, the bizarre structure of the plants have attracted a lot of attention.

Currently both men are relying on individual selling while at the same time approaching major flower sellers and distributors to sell the plants.

They hope to supply the plant which they collect from Bautama and Sogeri in the Central Province.

Loop PNG is hoping for our valued readers to help us identify this plant. 

Cedric Patjole