Barrick to support community initiative in NID

Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL) operator of the Porgera gold mine support efforts by Porgera mine communities to initiate implementation of the national government’s roll-out of the National Identity Database (NID) program.

BNL’s Corporate and Social Responsibility (C&SR) Manager, Timothy Andambo highlighted this to stakeholders during a meeting in October in Porgera with officials from the Papua New Guinea Civil and Registry office.

The country’s Civil Registrar, Dickson Kiragi, visited Porgera in October to officiate at a NID program launch for the Tuanda clan- one of the seven major clans in the Special Mining Lease (SML) area.

This took place on October 7 at the Apalaka village witnessed by community leaders, including senior managers of BNL.

The Tuanda clan with some 3,000 members has become the first community within the Porgera mine area to initiate participation in the National Identity Database (NID) roll-out program.

The initiative was spearheaded by community leaders from Apalaka. Before that, the clan had formed the Tuanda Incorporated Land Group (ILG) in 2014 to bring members of the various Tuanda tribes together under one umbrella organisation to collectively address issues and advance their development as a community within the mine area.

At the stakeholder meeting, which included the Porgera Development Authority (PDA), the Porgera Landowners Association (PLOA), Andambo said that the company will support the roll-out of the NID project.

He highlighted that the NID program also ties into ILGs and will be a pre-requisite for customary land acquisition when going into the Off SML Resettlement Project.

“PJV was actually working with the PLOA. As part of the resettlement process, there is a requirement that we need to establish ILGs and also register in the NID.”

“We want to give employment and resettlement to true landowners. We want to give contracts to true landowners, training and localisation, scholarships, all the other benefits that come with this package must go to true landowners. What the Tuanda Clan has done to register its clan members will help identify the legitimate landowners (Tuanda clan  and other SML Clans) from purporting landowners, and all benefits intended for any legitimate landowner is channeled to them,” Andambo said.

The Civil Registrar had expressed that he opted to come to Porgera for the launch because it was the first time a resource community in the country had initiated participation in the NID program.

The registration of the Tuanda clan members was completed on November 5. About 1,400 data sheets were collected and the first 500 NID cards with birth certificates are being processed.

The Porgera Gold Mine in Enga Province, Papua New Guinea, is operated by Barrick (Niugini) Limited through an equal partnership between Barrick Gold Corporation and Zijin Mining Group Company Limited – which owns 95 percent participating interest in the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV). The remaining 5% in PJV is owned by Mineral Resource Enga (MRE) Limited – a consortium consisting of the Enga Provincial Government and the Porgera landowners.

The Porgera Mine employs over 2,500 Papua New Guineans, and over the life of the mine has produced more than 19 million ounce of gold and contributed approximately 10% of PNG’s total annual exports.

Caption:​ Members of the Tuanda ILG registering for NID

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