ARoB’s 2022 Budget Formulation

The formulation of the 2022 budget for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville must reflect preparedness activities for independence-readiness.

President Ishmael Toroama made this statement on Tuesday, June 1st, when addressing the Budget Consultation Workshop in Arawa, led by the ABG Department of Treasury and Finance.

He said the Bougainville Executive Council had passed the budget framework in April this year, and this framework is based on the Government’s six-point strategy, of which independence (political control) is number one.

President Toroama urged all department heads and community government leaders to work diligently to ensure that a breakthrough is made so that Bougainville achieves the results it wants for its people.

Speaking on the economy, President Toroama called on all people to make land available in their respective constituencies so that the government, through its economic projects, can add value to it.

“By opening up, we can attract investors who can also add value, so that we grow the capacity of our economy and create opportunities for our people,” he said.

President Toroama acknowledged that there will be challenges along the way in Bougainville’s journey; however, he encouraged all leaders to look beyond these challenges when developing Bougainville’s long term vision and plans.

“This journey belongs to the people of Bougainville and our planning must look beyond 2025,” he stated.

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