Anitua acquires local drilling firm

Local landowner company, the Anitua Group, has recently concluded its purchase of Central Drillers.

The purchase of Central Drillers will now come under Anitua’s subsidiary ‘Anitua Radial Drilling Service (ARDS).

In a statement Anitua Executive Director, John Gethin-Jones, said Central Drillers was “a business known for its capacity to mobilise at a minute’s notice and to take on a diversity of jobs, big and small, just about anywhere in the country in often remote and difficult terrain.”

He added that Central Drillers general Manager, Simon Brown, will remain in that position under Anitua’s umbrella.

“Simon has built up a very successful and reputable business over twenty plus years and we wouldn’t want anyone else in the driving seat. His industry knowledge and reputation as an operator in PNG is second to none,” said gethin-Jones.

The acquisition complements ARDS services and gives Anitua a larger and more lucrative piece of PNG’s drilling market.  There are some synergies between the two businesses with the sharing of finance, administration, and marketing staff. 

Mechanical advice and hands on assistance is also provided by ARDS staff. 

“Anitua Radial Drilling Services (ARDS) performs different types of drilling to Central Drillers, including geothermal drilling, predominantly on Lihir Island (NIP)” said ARDS General Manager, Aaron Smith.

Simon Brown believes ARDS will help grow Central Drillers’ business through its administrative, systems, and business expertise.

Cedric Patjole