ANG Manages K800m Loss

Air Niugini lost, on average, K400 million a year due to restrictions on international travel.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Alabaster, said the airline suffered this loss in the last two years.

“So we’ve managed that through cost control, et cetera, and we were profitable last year,” he stated during a recent visit to Lae.

“We were probably one of the very, very few airlines who were profitable last year.

“We’re expecting a better profit this year but right through that period, we’d have to pay all our national staff every payday; all their superannuation, et cetera, is absolutely up-to-date.

“We’ve also worked through and ensured all our creditors are up-to-date as well.

“It’s been a solid effort and congratulations to the Air Niugini team for the hard work that they have done.” 

Carmella Gware