ANG Customer Support System

Air Niugini has rolled out a centralised Customer Service and Support solution that can automatically track and manage all customer queries from a single contact point.

“This solution, aimed at ensuring your queries are addressed in real time, went live on Monday 02nd May,” said the airline.

“Customer queries can now reach Air Niugini through your preferred communication channel such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messaging, Web Feedback forms as well as through Air Niugini’s Customer Service email address

“Depending on what your issue or query is, the system will automatically categorise and correctly route your message to the right support team within the airline, so that your queries are quickly attended to.

“The solution will ensure a unified view and visibility of customer interactions and personalised help in real time. 

“It will also provide the airline management team oversight to ensure matters raised are indeed addressed in a timely manner.”

ANG further said a self-service hub has also been introduced for customers to browse and find quick answers to common airline and travel queries without the need to reach customer service agents.

The support hub can also be accessed here:

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