750K leaves PNG shores weekly

Around K750,000 in cash leaves PNG shores through the PNG-Indonesia border every week.

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, revealed this during the three-day Government fact-finding mission to West Sepik Province.

He said this is one of the major contributors to the cash flow shortage in the country.

Minster Isifu said trade from both sides of PNG-Indonesia border is unbalanced.

“We have one side trading off our currency and business activity. Over K750,000 Papua New Guineans spend over the border, money going over to Indonesia,” he stated.

Minister Isifu said this is something that he will look into.

Meanwhile, delegate lead and National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Richard Maru, said the trade potential for PNG to benefit from is significant.

“I think the important point was made by the Minister. All the trade in terms of outflow is going one way. We have to look at how we open the border so there is equal trade between both countries,” said Minister Maru.

“They need to come and buy our goods and we need to go and buy their goods and there should be easier access along the border.”

PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo, says increased manpower, surveillance equipment and border posts are high on the agenda.

Cedric Patjole