​Partnership growing strong

​Five years on, the partnership between Digicel PNG and Port Moresby Nature Park is as strong as ever.

The Park's general manager, Michelle McGeorge, recalls joining the park seven years ago.

The area had no proper communication platform - no telephone line and internet. There were only 5 computers and 2 email addresses.

Since commencing this partnership, Digicel has helped in projects such as lining fibre optic cabling, CUG (closed user group) for staff, telephone line and internet.

Today, Digicel once more announced its continued gold sponsorship support of the park.

The support is through provision of in-kind services including CUG, internet data and retail flex in a bid to assist the park deliver excellence to clients through effective communication means.

And with the growth of the organisation, McGeorge says its communications needs have grown. For this, the park is grateful.

For a company that often challenges to innovate in its business, Digicel’s Garry Seddon, director, government relations, said the decision to partner with the park was an easy one.

The park receives grant funding from NCDC but that covers operational costs only.

McGeorge said it’s basically the business community that gets behind to enable the park’s developments.

“Sponsorship such as Digicel enables us to put savings to other projects,” she said.

She thanks the business community for that continued support.

Gloria Bauai