US Coast Guard in full swing

Up to 95 United States Coast Guard personnel based out of Port Security 305, Virginia Coast, have been in Port Moresby for over a week now, providing maritime security service.

This is for the APEC 2018 Leaders Week and Summit.

The transportable security boats are just under 10 meters long and they will be working in between the maritime restricted areas, which have been established by the PNG Joint Security Task Force.

Areas of restricted movement and the main locations that the U.S. coast guard will be patrolling include the APEC Haus and the three cruise ships.

Leader of the Coast Guard unit PSU 305, Commander Michael McCarthy, spoke to local media, expressing how pleased he was to be here in PNG, providing water security during such a huge event for a small country such as PNG.

“We’ve had some fishermen out at sea, but we have spoken to them and passed on some fliers and it’s been a very friendly exchange,” said Commander McCarthy.

There are eight coast guard boats out at sea, working with the JSTF including water police (maritime technique), taking watch of the areas that are out of bounds to the general public, fishermen and sailors during Leaders Week from November 12-18, 2018.

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