Maseratis make public appearance for APEC rehearsal

Over 100 vehicles were part of the APEC mass motorcade exercise today in Port Moresby.

The dress rehearsal was coordinated by the Joint Security Task Force and APEC Coordination Authority.

These dry runs are critical in getting the timing right when the APEC Leadership Meeting starts next week.

For today’s ‘Super Sunday’, 5 of the 40 notorious Maseratis made a public appearance at Port Moresby’s Rita Flynn Netball Centre, including Mahindra vehicles that were imported from India.

At around 12pm the motorcade exited Rita Flynn and proceeded along John Guise Drive to Wards Road then on towards Hibiscus Street, Hohola, where Hilton Hotel is.

Super Sunday is just one of the two planned exercises.

The next rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, November 7th, termed ‘Wok Wantaim’.

Wok Wantaim will take place between 6 in the evening and 11pm.

During that time, the Waigani Drive from Sir John Guise Drive intersection to Wards Road will be closed, including Wards Road from the intersection of Waigani Drive to Hibiscus Street at Hohola.

There will be no closure of the Paga Hill ring road on Wednesday.

The Joint Security Task Force and APEC Coordination Authority say the two exercises are mainly focused around the APEC Haus at Ela Beach and Hilton Hotel, being the leaders’ retreat and dinner respectively.

These rehearsals would assist with preparation and identifying any gaps to successfully execute mass motorcade movements during the leaders’ week.

(The Maseratis at Rita Flynn, Port Moresby)

Carmella Gware