Luxury sports cars open for bidding

The luxury sports cars that have been imported for the 2018 APEC Summit are now open for bidding.

The Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB), on behalf of the Finance Department, is inviting the general public to bid for the 40 Maserati and three Bentleys under public tender – DSA 01/2019.

The units will be sold through public tender on “as is where is” basis, a term that means the buyer accepts the item “with all faults”, whether or not it is immediately apparent.

Acting CSTB chairman and Finance Secretary, Dr Ken Ngangan, says this will include a non-refundable fee of K1,000 for DSA 01/2019 application form, in the form of bank cheque, payable to Central Supply and Tenders Board.

“Interested bidders are to send their bids in a sealed envelope marked ‘DSA-01/2019’ to and deposited in the Tender Box at Central Supply and Tenders Board office, CSTB Haus, Section 58, Lot 11, Spring Garden Road, Poreporena Freeway, PO Box 6457, Boroko, National Capital District.”

Inspection dates for registered bidders will be on February 11th-12th at T-Wharf.

The closing date is on February 16th.

“Only registered bidders will be allowed for inspection,” stressed Dr Ngangan.

“Tender application forms can be collected from CSTB and Department of Finance.”

Meantime, APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko’s initial statement that the luxury vehicles are “selling like hot cakes” caused confusion and suspicion, with taxpayers wondering who the buyers are, while many demanded to know if their money was used to buy these vehicles.

The Minister further said the vehicles were “purchased by the private sector at cost” while the Opposition maintained that taxpayers’ funds were used to procure them using a third party based in Sri Lanka.

To date, details surrounding the purchase of these vehicles remain sketchy.

Carmella Gware