CEO Summit: Work with or bypass govt?

Panelists at the APEC CEO Summit were asked on how they go about managing the government’s and the people’s wants, especially those companies in developing countries.

Business leaders at the Summit’s session 6 were asked whether they go through the government, or bypass authorities, to reach the people.

The APEC CEO Summit session 6 theme was ‘Managing resources, securing future’.

At the panel was Newcrest managing director, Sandeep Biswas, Puma Energy Global CEO, Pierre Eladari and the President and chief operating officer of Freeport-McMoRan Americas, Harry M Conger.

In response to the question, Conger, who is responsible for the management of the Freeport-McMoRan’s North and South American copper mining operations, said they look at both the government and the community they operate in.

“The governments play important roles and helping assure the community that proper regulatory safety measures, as Pierre mentioned, are all going to be followed,” Conger stated.

“But engaging directly with the communities, which we think is critical, you want to make sure that the local people that are in the region truly benefit from the enterprise.

“And as was mentioned, you are not always sure exactly what that is but working with people day in and day out, we have terrific folks on the ground that truly listen to the community and make it very easy for them to access us and talk to us.

“And we literally learn together on what the possibilities are and what can be done to further their aspirations and benefit the community.”

This November 16th session came at an opportune time when the signing of a memorandum of understanding for a second LNG took place a few hours earlier.

The State and Total E&P PNG and its joint venture partners, ExxonMobil and Oil Search Limited, signed to negotiate a gas agreement for the Papua LNG Project.

The first LNG project in Hela Province has been plagued with issues, especially outstanding project benefits for landowners, with locals occasionally protesting and shutting down infrastructure.

However, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, in a recent business breakfast, gave the assurance that they have learnt from their mistakes.

(From left: Moderator Charlie Campbell from TIME, President and chief operating officer of Freeport-McMoRan Americas, Harry M Conger and Puma Energy Global CEO, Pierre Eladari)

Carmella Gware