CEO Summit: TOTAL focuses on clean energy

Energy development for the future will depend on social and environmental responsibility for energy company TOTAL.

Following the signing of the second LNG project in Port Moresby this morning, TOTAL CEO and Chairman Patrick Pouyanne gave an insight of Energy Development for the Future during the CEO Summit now underway.

“There are expending energy needs around the (APEC) countries, energy is facing a lot of change from this world, must first give access in an affordable way and in a clean way, to ensure it is reliable, affordable and clean,” Pouyanne said.

He said while energy transition will not take place overnight, the greatest challenge in the energy sector is creating an investment landscape.

When looking at the future of a company like TOTAL, Pouyanne said providing energy in a more reliable, clean environment is the future.

People also want access to cheap energy, and Pouyanne said the future of energy is natural gas, which is also a major source of electricity.

(Picture: TOTAL CEO and Chairman Patrick Pouyanne at the CEO Summit)

Sally Pokiton