APEC VIP vehicles no longer with Authority: Minister

The APEC VIP vehicles, and especially the luxury sports cars, are no longer with the APEC Authority.

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko said they are now being handed over to the Central Supply and Tenders Board and the Finance Department.

“They will then tender them out to those who are interested in those vehicles,” stated the Minister.

“And I believe that most of the vehicles have already been booked and are now ready for transfer to their new owners.

“We no longer have anything to do with the VIP vehicles.”

The importation of super sports cars in early October became a scandal due to the struggles faced by ordinary Papua New Guineans.

The arrival of the vehicles created an uproar, with taxpayers questioning the transparency involved in acquiring them when health centres constantly run out of drugs, teachers suffer from pay cuts and citizens are burdened with the high cost of living, to name a few.

Member of the Opposition, Bryan Kramer, said though he had persistently asked the APEC Minister and CEO to release details of the purchase, neither had been forthcoming.

Kramer alleged that the vehicles were procured by a Sir Lankan company called Ideal Choice on behalf of the Government, estimating the vehicles to be at a market value of around K40 million.

Institute of National Affairs Director Paul Barker, in a separate event, said more transparency is required over the real costs as the poor people of Papua New Guinea are forfeiting services and opportunities to fund the APEC.

“Which really has little relevance to them and their lives,” he said. 

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Carmella Gware