APEC luxury vehicles on tender

Minister for Finance, John Pundari, has confirmed that the luxury sports vehicles purchased by the Government for the 2018 APEC summit have already been put on tender.

Out of the 40 Maserati and 3 Bentleys, two Maserati and a Bentley have been sold, generating a K1.6 million revenue for the State.

The remaining two Bentleys were allocated to the Office of the Governor General and the Office of the Prime Minister for official purposes.

Pundari also confirmed that the remaining 38 Maserati were re-tendered and are now open to both national and international bidders.

He said: “This is still in the vetting process and awarding of successful bidders will follow shortly after.”

He outlined that in accordance with directions issued under NEC Decision No. 51/2021, the remaining balance of all Maserati vehicles after public tender sales will be allocated to designated PNG foreign missions throughout the world for official use.

A number of the luxury sedans will be kept in the country and managed under the National Events Council (PMNEC), which will be reserved for diplomatic and official uses.

One hundred and twenty-seven (127) high-end APEC vehicles such as Maserati, Bentleys, Prados, BT 50s, Land Cruiser VXs, Ford Rangers; Wild tracks, Land Cruiser 10 seaters, and Toyota Land Cruiser 5-Doors will all be disposed through public tender.

Meantime, Pundari clarified that the Finance Department is now progressing the recovery phase of the APEC vehicles that are missing (all accounted) and those that are under temporary arrangements.

About 110 State purchased APEC vehicles are still in the hands of general public and certain public officials.

“These vehicles are all accounted for and will be recouped by Finance Department with assistance from Police very soon,” he said.

Fifty (50) vehicles are currently utilised by Police, Defence, Health, National Pandemic Office and other government agencies under temporary arrangements.

Pundari further explained that once recovery is complete, these vehicles will firstly be distributed to the remaining 14 districts and the balance will be put to public tender for immediate disposal.

Freddy Mou