APEC Climate Symposium underway

The APEC Climate Symposium aims to tackle climate issues that affect the APEC economies in the region.

Minister responsible for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change, John Pundari, said this when officially opening the event yesterday (Aug 21).

The symposium focuses on ‘Overcoming the Challenges of an Uncertain Future with Enhanced Climate Information Services’.

“APEC aims to tackle climate change to various considered efforts such as fostering renewable resources, collaborating on hosting forest conservations, reducing energy consumption, promoting trade in environmental goods and helping farming and fishing communities which will enable them to adapt to changing weather patterns,” said Minister Pundari.

He said with such objectives, APEC Climate Symposium aims to tackle climate issues through discussions on cutting edge science, sharing of best practices and policy advancements by bringing together policy makers, practitioners and scientists from various sectors in each economies.

“On the road to progress, all responsible agencies must cooperate to ensure businesses that contribute to climate change are removed or otherwise, we will continue to pay high prices as we know climate change can cause extreme weather conditions, damage and deplete natural resources and affects livelihood and food security.

“And this will impact both individuals and economies.”

Minister Pundari further clarified that developing economies experience the most adverse of effects and in addition, climate change is believed to contribute to the increasing number of natural disasters – about 70 percent of which occur in the Asia Pacific Region.

“In order to be successful, adaptation strategies need to make use of the best available climate information and that includes assessment of recent climate trends and projected future climate change that may be experienced in the years to come,” stated Minister Pundari.

He thanked the APEC Climate Centre and lead agencies in PNG for the tireless effort in hosting the very important meeting.

The meeting commenced on Tuesday, August 21, and will conclude on August 23.

(Picture: APEC 2018)

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