Sim registration continues

The urgency of registering mobile sim cards has increased as the due date closes in.

Sim registration set-ups by telecommunication companies have seen huge crowds of people, particularly over the festive period.

This will continue today, with three more days to the deadline imposed by NICTA to register all sim cards.

People are urged to bring a form of identification.

A statutory declaration from the court or letter from a pastor is the alternative form of identification for those without an ID card.

Telecommunication companies have been setting up in front of their headquarters as well as their retail outlets.

There will also be set-ups throughout the city to make the process easier, quicker and convenient for mobile network users.

As per the directive from the communication’s minister, NICTA has set the deadline for all sim card registrations to be 31 December, 2017.

Any sim-cards that have not been registered by this date will be deactivated in the New Year.

Gloria Bauai