Online dashboard for SDG’s launched

Papua New Guinea has become the first country in the world to design a methodology that maps out private sector contributions to Sustainable Development Goals.

This was witnessed on Tuesday night during the launching of the Business Coalition for SDG’s Dashboard in Port Moresby.

The Dashboard is presented online and provides a one-stop shop for business engagement with SDG’s and provides a unique fingerprint on how businesses are contributing to SGD’s.

The online dashboard is a platform prepared out of a partnership between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Business Council of PNG (BCPNG).

UNDP Resident Representative, Roy Trivedy, said the launch of the online platform is a momentous occasion for PNG.

He said the country is now an emerging global leader in sustainable development, and the business community can be the major drover this change.

“The great thing is that you’re doing this things individually. But what were trying to do with this dashboard is to say not only are people doing things individually but businesses as a whole are coming together and they have a much bigger footprint on the development of this country than ever before.”

He further added “you as business council are the first people in the world to do this and you will see the power of this hopefully shortly.”

So far seven companies have signed up to participate in the dashboard and more are expected.

The BCPNG have appointed SP Brewery General Manager, Stan Joyce, as their champion for SDG’s.

BCPNG President, Robert Nilkare, said it is their ambition to ensure members of the council participate in meeting SDG’s for the welfare and economic prosperity of the country.

“Its always good to know exactly what were doing, and exactly what the government is doing and then we compare notes, and what they fail to achieve or recognize we can step in and say this is what we are doing better,” he said.

Cedric Patjole