New NBC board members announced

The appointment of new NBC board members was announced on Thursday by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Timothy Masiu.

NEC in its Special Meeting No. 1/2020 under NEC Decision No. 55/2020, revoked the appointment of the current NBC board members and appointed a new NBC board chairman and members of the board.

NEC revoked appointments of Timothy Tala as the Chairman of the Board and Jason Gilai as the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Pius Tikili and Emil Tenoa were appointed as the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the new NBC board respectively. Timothy Tala remains as an ordinary member of the board whilst Pastor Babani Harry has been reappointed as a member of the Board. Meanwhile, Zinnia Dawidi will continue as member of the NBC board.

The Governor General on 27th February 2020, acting on the advice of NEC, made those appointments for a period of three years with effect on and from 12th November 2019.

“I am satisfied and confident on the combined wealth of experience and business acumen the newly appointed Chairman and his Deputy brings into the board and the organisation in this crucial period,” he said.

“The new board will provide the much-needed business strategic oversight to transform NBC into a self-sustainable entity as it embarks on its journey to transform its broadcasting transmission network operations from analogue to digital to remain competitive.”

Minister Masiu called on the Board to get to work as there were huge outstanding issues that needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

The full new NBC board comprises of:

  • Pius Tikili as a member and Chairman;
  • Emil Teno as a member and Deputy Chairman;
  • Timothy Tala as a member;
  • Zinnia Dawidi as a member; and
  • Pastor Babani Harry as a member.

The new NBC Board will effectively assume their office after gazettal of their appointment notice and swearing into the office today.

(Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Timothy Masiu, centre, with the board members)

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