First-ever innovation PNG conference

The inaugural Innovation PNG 2019 Conference kicks off this Friday at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.

The event aims to foster new technology, creative solutions and innovative thinking to Papua New Guinea’s business community and is hosted by Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce (POMCCI) and Business Advantage International (BAI) and sponsored by Bank South Pacific (BSP).

BSP General Manager Digital, Nuni Kulu, said: “BSP leads the way in improving banking service delivery to all sectors, from rural banking to retail, small businesses, corporate banking and international banking. As part of improving service delivery, BSP is committed in supporting the financial aspirations in the country and building the small to medium businesses, reaffirming its support for the economic growth and nation building through investments.

“BSP is looking forward to seeing collaborations and opportunity for the wider business and government community to share ideas, and use the power of the internet and connectivity to transform local businesses, take advantage of digital banking solutions and find creative ways to solve unique PNG challenges.

“That is the essence of why BSP has committed to support this conference. We believe that the bank exists to help people succeed, and when people succeed, communities succeed to maintain the country’s economic growth.”

BSP has supported the event with K30,000 in sponsorship for the Innovation PNG 2019 Conference.

The conference will feature international keynote speakers such as Deloitte Centre for the Edge’s innovation expert Pete Williams and HP’s Megatrends Ambassador Paul Burham, as well as special focus sessions on government, education and different industry sectors.

(BSP General Manager Digital Nuni Kulu discussing the event with organisers)

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