Deadline set: NICTA

The deadline for sim card registration is December 31 as per the SIM Card Registration Regulation.

And the National Information and Communication Technology Authority is standing on this, unless there are changes made by the mandated authority. 

This was clarified by Kila Gulo-Vui, the Director, Economic, Consumer and International Affair, in a brief phone interview with Loop PNG.

He said NICTA recognises a few challenges, including the form of identification for mobile network users, especially in rural PNG.

But NICTA applauds the work by the network providers in trying to get most of its users registered.

Meantime, a few users living abroad have raised concerns about the registration process.

Reuben Pokanau a PNG national living in Brisbane, Australia, expressed frustration that he may face Sim card deactivation.

“I suggest NITCA make provision for overseas users to register our SIM, as it’s not worth flying to PNG to register a SIM card,” he said.

However, Gulo-Vui says the number of overseas users don’t make up significant number, adding that the onus should be on network providers to make SIM registration accessible, as long as there is a form of identification.

Meantime SIM registration continues today with mobile operators out in full swing to register users across the country.

Sim card registration is mandatory process, made effective as of July 23, 2016 under the SIM Card Registration Regulation 2016 (Statutory Instrument No.7 of 2016) as published in National Gazette No. G228 dated April 22, 2016.

All active SIM card subscribers and users are urged to visit their nearest mobile sales outlet or contact your service provider to fully register your SIM.

Failure to do so may result in the deactivation of your SIM without notice.

Gloria Bauai