Cybercrime may worry world leaders to PNG

The country’s Cybercrime Act must be enforceable to give confidence to world leaders in attending the 2018 APEC summit in Port Moresby, says NICTA CEO, Charles Punaha.

The man in charge of National Information and Communication Technology Authority said more work is needed to make the Cybercrime Act easy to be implemented.   

 Parliament in 2016 passed the legislation.

Punaha said, NICTA has been working with relevant law enforcement agencies, courts and also the Australia Federal Police to understand the role each agencies will play to implement the Act.   

He also appealed to Internet Service Providers to be part of the working committee.

“If we do not have safer and set polices, the president of Russia, US and China may not turn up for the APEC summit,” Punaha said.


Charles Yapumi