Be critical media consumers, students told

The Catholic Bishops Conference’s media education seminar encourages students to be critical consumers of the media.

Over 60 Catholic students gathered at the first seminar for 2019, which was hosted on February 23rd at the Catholic Bishops Conference.

Facilitated by the Social Communication Commission (SOCOM) of CBC, the program focused on communicating positive messages through logos, posters and photographs.

“The Media Education Seminar for school students gives selected students an opportunity to be critical consumers and creative producers of the media,” said Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb, CBC Social Communications and Youth Secretary, in the opening session of the program.

He encouraged the students to practice and share what they learn and be witness of Gospel values. 

“Communicate positive messages through your posters and photographs and always communicate the Good News by your life,” he said.

The seminar had three sessions; the first session focused on the World Communication Day (WCD) message of Pope Francis for 2019. 

The students shared and discussed the use of smartphones, access to social media and its impact on the young today. Following the discussions, the students focused on creating a WCD logo for the year.

The second session was animated by Sherryl Extra-Isoaimo, teacher from Jubilee Catholic Secondary School. She took students through an intense session on posters with a message and the students focused on creating striking posters with positive messages.

Photography was the final session where Fr. Ambrose facilitated the session. The students were required to take pictures highlighting 2019 and social connection. This was then followed by presentations and an evaluation at the end of the day.

“I liked the seminar as it brought each school to present their work and to hear each other share and with the things that I have learnt, I am committed to informing my fellow friends through our school media club and keeping it updated with stories and positive messages,” shared Corina Alfred, a student from Jubilee Catholic Secondary School.

“Working together as a team, in helping and sharing with each to get activities done on time is what I enjoyed about the seminar and my commitment is to encourage youths to work together,” Tofua Lele, a student from Limana Vocational School, said.

The second media education seminar is set to be held on March 30th, 2019, and will focus on newsletters and writing articles.

Schools present at the seminar were representatives from Jubilee Catholic Secondary, De La Salle Secondary, Limana Vocational, Marianville Secondary, Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS), Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) and Caritas Technical.

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