Hela women intent on change

It is easy to see their plight.

Frequent tribal conflicts erupting in many parts of the province have dislodged families from their homes and robbed them of their livelihoods with the most vulnerable – women and children – seriously affected.

Throughout Hela the cry for peace has been growing.

Following the successful women’s leadership summit held in Goroka in 2017, Hela women requested Oil Search Foundation (OSF) support a forum where they can lead the dialogue around addressing violence.

Ginigoada trains women drivers

The program started in August this year.

Ginigoada Foundation, a non-government organisation, aims to graduate these women drivers in February next year, 2019.

The women are put into batches.

Ginigoada has been able to successfully train and graduate 2 batches comprising of 16 women so far, with 32 more women to train.

The training for a batch is a month-long.

One of the participants, Belinda Paliya, said the training is very good as most times male drivers are very careless.

Southern confederate women’s trials underway

The women’s trials started on Wednesday, August 1, and will end today where 20 women will be selected to represent the Southern zone.

It was a perfect Port Moresby day when both seasoned and first timers took to the field at the National Football Stadium for the Southern women’s division trials.

Bridging the gender gap

According to a research conducted by Media Development Initiative Papua New Guinea, it is no different to any other country struggling to address gender inequality.

From this same research it has been noted that PNG’s rank on the gender-related development index has fallen in the past decade.

It was ranked 106 out of 146 countries in 2002 and by 2006, it had fallen to 124 out of 140.

A 2007 report found that antenatal care coverage had declined from 80 percent in 1991 to 58 percent in 2004.

Women face challenges in digital technology

Central Bank Governor Loi Bakani told participants at the Improving Digital Financial Literacy Workshop recently in Port Moresby, an APEC capacity-building initiative for Papua New Guinea.

When giving an overview of challenges faced in PNG with the digital financial literacy, Central Bank Governor Loi Bakani said although digital technology is opening new vistas, challenges persist.

Police women revive Women’s Advisory Network

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary recently revived its Women’s Advisory Network (WAN), which is strengthening the skillsets of members as part of its effort to improve work conditions for female officers and the quality of community police services.

The organisation is volunteer-driven and provides an advocacy platform for police women to address issues such as harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Women farmers trained on crop production

37 women farmers from various local level government areas in Rigo district learnt basic skills on financial management, crop production skills and farm management that includes land management and commercial marketing.

Central Province Agriculture and Livestock Advisor, Kila Gege, said a total of 12 such trainings for famers have been planned and funded in partnership with Taiwanese government.

Challenges in unifying women of B’ville

However, challenges still remain with regard to unifying the women of Bougainville; having them take a seat at the same table to further the common goal of maintaining peace by peaceful means.

In August 2017 an historic conference took place that saw women from North, Central and South Bougainville come together to highlight the significant role, both in times past and at present, women play in both building peace and fostering social cohesion in the region.

Concerns raised over safety of Hela children, women

The Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee (FSVAC), a sectoral committee of the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC), is appealing to community leaders, tribal leaders and individuals, including men, to put an end to the fighting and pursue conflict resolution so that much needed humanitarian support and government assistance can continue into the province.

Women urged to refine, enhance roles

Senior Magistrate Albert Daniels, in a recent address to the Lihir women workforce, said it is evident in PNG that women are now venturing into previously male dominated professions.

The challenge that follows this group of women is not just to participate or contribute, but to refine and enhance their own roles to fit the changing landscape.

He said many women in the world, especially in PNG, have walked difficult journeys to be recognised as having equal rights to men.

But he added their journeys have inspired many generations to acknowledge women’s rights.