Small holder rice project to benefit WNB

The project is expected to be rolled out soon following the successful pilot project.

Each block is harvesting more than four tons with one farmer who trialed out the Dongara variety harvesting five tons in one hectare.

Participants at the Trukai Mini Rice Field day at Kapore last Thursday were assured that will be purchasing the rice, with much of it going into milling for consumption.

Trukai’s Agriculture Manager, Jarrod Pirie, said Trukai Industries will provide training and the market for the small holder program.

Trukai trials rice planting at Kapore in WNB

The six trial projects belonging to the farmers namely; Willie Wohwiehembe, Tiawa Kolonga, Leo Pea, Paul Siune, Annette Raphael and Boniface Narakau have been planted with a number of different variety rice seeds. Rice shoots are evident at this time on the project sites prompting the Technical Officer to conduct agronomic checks on parameters around; yields, pest and diseases tolerance, milling and cooking quality. 

Wingwafi said checks are done using checklists developed by NARI scientists.

Hoskins Girls Technical School receive books

Last year in the same books donation program, they received text books and reading materials that provided much needed assistance for teachers in preparing lessons for students.

Hoskins Girls is also a recipient of the NBPOL Education Assistance Program.

They received a computer and printer last year and the previous years, school project fees were paid for students who met certain criteria and were selected under the ILGs that had agreements with the company.

WNB’s Urban Farmers & Tribesmen Cooperative Society launch Aquaponics project

Officially opened on Sunday morning at Sarakolok Section 5, by the PNG Urban Farmers Director, and Tribesmen Corporative executives, the project saw the release of fingerlings into the four ponds.

Materials used to construct the four ponds, with fresh water pumped in was built at a cost of K31, 000. Fresh water is pumped through by the generator, for the fish to breed as well as the plants to grow in. The farm, when in full operational capacity will be able to produce 4,000 Super Tilapia fish for export value per month.

Kimbe police compromising jobs: Muthuvel claims

Muthuvel told Loop PNG in an exclusive interview  claiming that some police officers  in Kimbe had connections with Asians doing business in Kimbe and it was very hard to report any wrong doings from the Asians.

He said it is a concern from long term operating local retail businesses that whether or not Asian businesses are properly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority, Internal Revenue Commission and whether they have proper work permits, visas and whether all of them have proper bank accounts need investigation by the authorities.

Protest planned in WNB

Organised by prominent leader Caspar Reure, the march has been gaining wide support from people of West New Britain.

The three main issues that will be highlighted include the legality of Asians doing businesses in the province, Provincial Health Authority to conduct inspection on all fast-food outlets and for the provincial government to appoint a Town Planner.

In the West New Britain Community Forum on the social media Facebook, more than 500 people have shown their support for the peaceful protest march.