Huge crowd witnesses Muthuvel’s nomination

He said the turn-out of the crowd signified what his government  and administration, the National Government and development partners have done for the Province.

He thanked the churches for their contribution to service delivery through Church-based organizations (CBO’s ) and since before Independence until today.

“Churches have played a big role in shaping the service delivery for this nation,” he said.

YWAM to reach WNB today

The cheque is a fulfilment of a pledge toward operational expenses for YWAM’s training and medical ship, the MV Pacific Link.

The MV Pacific Link set sail to West New Britain for the first time this month. The vessel will spend a number of months in the province, delivering healthcare and training to remote communities in collaboration with provincial health authorities.

YWAM Medical Ships Director, Brett Curtis, said he was grateful for West New Britain’s strong support.


Bialla LLG women receive gesture from Governor Muthuvel

Provincial Governor Sasindran Muthuvel and his delegates arrived in the area in a vehicle adorned with presents for women groups. The presents included the truck, sewing machines, fishing nets and a sea ambulance boat for the Nantabu Health Centre.
A jubilant crowd thanked the Governor saying they were overwhelmed with his heartwarming gesture.

Lelang launches Coalition for Reform Party in Kimbe

This coincided with the endorsement of 24 candidates from respective provinces around Papua New Guinea by Party founder and leader Joseph Lelang, Member for Kandrian- Gloucester Electorate.

Two of the candidates are female.

With the theme, “Taim Bilong Yumi” the party is driven to set a benchmark to move the country to the next level by analysing the government’s systems and providing resolutions that are applicable and relevant to facilitate through reform.

Don’t intimidate Electoral Commission: Baki

He said he won’t be tolerating anyone who tries to intimidate or disturb the work of both the Electoral Commission and Police to deliver safe and secure national general elections.

WNB rolls out ALESCO payroll system

The Department of Personal Management recently in the province to roll out the Alesco Payroll system.

Deputy Secretary of the department Dr Agnes Friday said it is a milestone achievement for the province.

She said the Alesco automated system is one of the four components of the Human Resource connect programs that are being rolled out to the provinces.

She said the second component is data cleansing and for this program DPM is working in partnership with the Finance Department to ensure that all data for the provinces are cleansed and updated.

Police boss congratulates WNB for producing soccer stars

Baki congratulated the four soccer stars during the official opening of the Police Commissioner’s conference in Kimbe on Monday.

“I give credit to WNB also because you had a contingent going to the FIFA Games.

“The young women that came have a different perception of PNG. Before they came, their parents and guardians warned them about PNG but the three weeks they participated in FIFA changed their perception about PNG.

“So credit must also go to our people. On behalf of the police force I also want to say thank you to the people of PNG.

Digicel reaches remote South coast of WNB

The WNB Provincial Government in partnership with Digicel PNG built two Towers in the area to improve the communication services

One tower was built in Maklo in Kandrian and the other at Airagilpua in Gloucester.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel launched the two towers.

Muthuvel when speaking at the launch said we are living in the 21st century and communication is vital.

He told the people that from where he came from (India), they can excess internet, communicate with people in Kimbe and with the outside world.

WNB Day committee vote executives in Lae

The committee met at the Natural Polytechnic Institute and appointed Eddie Suma as chairman and Enoch Joseph as his vice.

They were task to organise the event and all its preparations.

President of the West New Britain Student Association at Polytechnic Ricky Ben told Loop PNG that they had an overwhelming supports from the committees where they each pledged to give K500 each for the event.

The committee were made up of Unitech and Polytechnic students.

Ben said they have proposed to raise K10,000 to host the event.

Muthuvel aids churches in WNB

Muthuvel said churches play an important role in the society we live in.

In supporting his vision for the churches, Muthuvel recently presented K50, 000 to Turuk Catholic church from the Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) to renovate their church buildings.

"When the mind and speech unite in earnestly asking for a thing, that prayer is answered.”

“How the saline waters of the ocean, contaminated drains, stagnant lakes from anywhere, evaporates into the above and comes down as rain, it becomes a pure water to drink.”