Waigani Committal Court

Pala’s case dismissed in District Court

The case in which Pala was arrested and charged for on Nov 2, 2015, with one count of defeating the course of justice, perverting the course of justice and abuse of office, was dismissed today.

All three counts involve allegations that he tried to prevent the course of justice when he consented to a stay application to stop the arrest of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for official corruption on June 17, 2014.

The case was formally dismissed from the Committal Court today by Magistrate John Kaumi following a Supreme Court ruling on July 21.

Case against Sepik man struck out

The 46-year-old Anton Kifan Hombuhanje first appeared in court on April 10 this year. After more than three months in court, a police hand-up brief was not produced in time. It is a practise at the Committal Court for police to produce investigation files within three months. This however, is not a law.

Failure by the investigating officer to prepare investigation files saw the case thrown out by Magistrate Cosmas Bidar for want of prosecution.

The court also ordered for his bail monies of K4,000 be refunded.

Committal Court: Return Woo’s passport to lawyer

Woo’s passport has been with the Committal Court as part of his bail condition while he faces criminal charges at the court.

However, he was deported by Immigration on July 2 without his passport, two days after the Committal Court refused an application by Immigration asking the court to hand over the passport.

Woo was allegedly ordered by the chief migration officer to be deported from the country within seven days of the notice being served. His lawyer, Greg Sheppard, told the court in June that his client was never served the order.   

Hamou’s District Court case dismissed

The court found there was no prima facie ground or sufficient evidence to commit Hamou to stand trial at the National Court.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar, in making a ruling, dismissed the charge of abuse of office under section 92 of the criminal code act.

He said based on evidence and submissions, Hamou should have been arrested and charged under section 32 of the Criminal Code for Justification and Excuse: Compulsion. He was charged under the wrong provision of the criminal code act.

Pala’s lawyer makes supplementary submissions


Ronald John Webb and Pala returned for mention on Monday before the Committal Court before Magistrate John Kaumi, asking the court to discharge the three information charging Pala.

Pala was arrested and charged on Nov 2, 2015, with one count of defeating the course of justice, perverting the course of justice and abuse of office. He was released on K6,000 bail the same day.

Theft case struck out due to lack of police files

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar had the case of receiving a stolen laptop struck out in court after no police investigation files or hand-up briefs were served on the defendant, Carol Thomas, within the required three months.

“This case was first mentioned on March 30. It’s been three months since and there have been neither files served nor instructions from the arresting officer.

“Sufficient time has been given, the charge does not need extensive investigation,” Bidar said when ordering the case to be struck out and bail monies of Thomas refunded.

PNG Loop's 5@5

Relief supplies given to 6000 people


More than 6000 people at Mogulu area, Western Province, witnessed the distribution 35 tons of rice last Friday.

Warrant out for Enga family


Police serve Pala investigation files

Pala and his lawyers briefly appeared at the Waigani Committal Court this morning.

Ralph Saulep who is acting for Pala told Magistrate John Kaumi,  police investigation files were served to them on Feb 4.

They will now require a month to peruse the files in preparation for submissions before the court when the matter returns.

Pala's case has been adjourned to March 30, where both Saulep and the police prosecution team are expected to present their submissions in court.

National Library and Archives boss in court

Lawyer representing the Corporate Service Manager of the National Library and Archives Timothy Numara appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar but without his client in court.

The charges against Numara were read in court before the matter was transferred to another magistrate who will be dealing with Numara and his two co-accused Jacob Hevelawa and Miriam Hevelawa.

Bidar said the matter will go before Magistrate John Kaumi and the three accused are expected back in court on Feb 26 for mention.

Maprik MP responds in court

On October 30, the Waigani District Court ruled that on sufficient evidence it had to commit the case for trial at the National Court.

Today statements were presented before the District Court. Simon is facing allegations of two counts of false pretence and 38 counts of official corruption.

Simon’s lawyer said when the election petition against Simon was dismissed at the National Court in 2013, the same allegations were later used to criminally charge him.