Vote of no confidence

An observation on vote of no confidence session

Even before the parliamentary staff had arrived with the mace, the government members took their benches together with the Prime Minister.

They were later joined by the Opposition comprising 21 members.

Upon the arrival of the Speaker Theo Zurenuoc and his staff, parliament resumed with prayers.

The Speaker then set the general rules for the session, cautioning MPs to behave and follow standing orders of the day.

He also made it clear that the only item of business for the day was the Motion for the Vote of No Confidence, and nothing else.

Business as usual as O’Neill remains

 PMV buses and taxis are operating normal throughout the city.

The private owned vehicles are the lifeline of the city because the  majority of Port Moresby's  residents  rely on it for transportation.

Shops remained open and residents either watched  TV  or listened to the radio sets anticipating the outcome of the VONC against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

However, schools around the vicinity of Parliament have closed as a precaution measure.

St Peter Channel and Wardstrip Primary Schools have cancelled classes.

Peter O’Neill remains Prime Minister of PNG

After a battle of words from both sides of the House the Speaker Theo Zurenuoc called for the vote to be taken.

The Opposition argued that the Speaker did not give them the chance to debate on the issues but moved quickly to vote for the motion.

O’Neill now remains the Prime minister until the 2017 National elections.

Parliament has been adjourned to August 9.

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Police to be on full alert during Parliament session

Commander for NCD and Central Province, Sylvester Kalaut has assured the general public that police will not tolerate any mischievousness from the public during or after the Parliament sitting tomorrow.

Masiu sworn-in as MP by Speaker of Parliament

Police to be on full alert during Parliament session

Kalaut made this clear in a media briefing today anyone who tries to interrupt or take the law into their own hands will be dealt with accordingly.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says the police will not allow anyone coming into the city in convoys to disrupt the normalcy in the city.

Turi was  advised by Parliament security yesterday that there are limited spaces available for equal number of representatives from each province to stand in to hear the Vote of No Confidence tomorrow.

Zeming slams Opposition’s tactic of vote of no-confidence

Zeming in a statement said the suggestion by the Deputy Opposition Leader of moving a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister at this sitting of Parliament was simply a waste of valuable time.

“Every single time the Parliament sits, the Opposition say they will try a vote of no confidence, and every time they do this the Opposition are embarrassed,” Zeming said.

“This is a waste of time that could be used for the Parliament to discuss legislation that is needed for the nation.

“Our National Parliament is not a place for Sam Basil to play foolish games. 

No confidence motion to be filed next week

The Opposition’s legal advisers were consulted and they are getting the notice signed.

The notice as required by the standing orders of parliament is signed by at least 11 MPs.

The defective notice was signed by the 10 MPs in Opposition and five members of the National Alliance Party (NA)and two from the People’s National Congress (PNC).

No-confidence vote rejection: wrong forms used says Speaker

Parliament officials say there are no forms however the correct format for the notice for a motion was not followed.

The Opposition has only tomorrow to correct the defects and file the motion again at the Speakers office.

Opposition  Leader Don Polye says they will not give up and that they will continue to file the motion for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister.

“We respectfully accept the return of the motion and we will look at the reasons for the rejection and will make an immediate re submission of the motion to the acting speaker,” he says.

Speaker rejects Opposition anti-PM move

Ganasi made this announcement as the first order of business this morning.

He says the notice was not deliberated on by the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Private Business because most of the members were unavailable for a meeting. 

He says section 23 subsection 4 gives him powers to determine the notice in the absence of the committee.

Ganasi says the notice was defective and therefore he rejected it.

After this announcement the leader of government business James Marape was asked to make a statement.

O’Neill lashes out at no-confidence notice

This is the Prime Minister’s response to the filing of a vote of confidence against him by the Opposition.

"It is desperate and ambitious, not done in the best interest of the nation but for personal interest driven by desire for revenge,’’ the Prime Minister charged.

"The country today faces huge challenges with El Niño and global economic conditions which require our Parliament's attention.