TV crew, tourists, scientist injured in surprise explosion on Sicilian volcano

The crew, along with a number of tourists, were drawn to Etna in Sicily to observe the spectacle of the active volcano erupting but were caught by surprise when flowing magma hit thick snow, causing an explosion that caused rock and other material to rain down upon them.

Volcanic rocks and steam from the eruption injured at least 10 people, witnesses and media reported, and the network's science reporter who was on assignment on Etna, Rebecca Morelle, described the experience in a series of tweets.

Bougainville’s Mt Bagana spews out ash

The surrounding jungles, especially the leaves on trees are all covered in volcanic ash.

Drinking water has also gone scarce due to little creeks being covered in ash, and permanent houses were forced to remove the rain gutters away from tanks, because the roof tops are all covered in ash too.

Head of Red Cross mission on Bougainville Stanley Hasagoni told PNG Loop that it wasn’t that too bad but they have to be prepared in future because it is predicted the worst could come.

Volcano in southern Japan erupts, sending smoke into the air

The eruption Monday prompted authorities to raise the alert level for the area, banning people from approaching within 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) of the volcano's mouth.

There are no homes within that area and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the eruption fired bits of volcanic rock, smoke and steam flying. It was unclear if there was any volcanic flow from the mountain.


Children falling sick, no help for PNG volcano victims

The volcano which dominates the island erupted two weeks ago but the island's residents are yet to receive any aid.

World Vision says at least a thousand Manam Islanders who were living close to the volcano have been evacuated to Bogia on the mainland but several thousand people remain on the island.

The Madang area programme manager Reuben Lulug says his team on the ground has reported back to the head office in Port Moresby but help is yet to arrive.