UPNG further increases fees

Pro vice-chancellor academic for UPNG, Professor Mange Matui, said this year, students are paying a compulsory fee of K2,900.

Next year, that fee will dramatically increase.

He said the new fee will be put out in the daily newspapers.

Professor Matui said the university is currently struggling and blamed the Government for this.

He said every year, the university submits about K150 million, which is the normal budget covering its operational costs, but every year the Government gives only K47 million.

First-of-its-kind event needs boost

Body Art Spectacle is a first-of-its-kind event to raise awareness on gender-based violence (GBV) but it is also a fundraising drive for Creative Arts Strand’s much-needed equipment and facilities. Specifically, the run down theatre, according to Ellen Mesibere.

Mesibere is the talent manager of the production. She is one of the many former students assisting with this project.

“So the production is a collaborative effort between current and former students from the strand. We wanted to do something like this for a while,” she said.

Explorer’s decedent visits UPNG

Discussing the historical achievements of his great, great grandfather in the 1870’s, Nickolay IV under the Micklouho- Maclay Foundation spoke of the work of the foundation preserving the enthonocultural heritage in Melanesian countries.

This includes the recounting of continuation of his family’s interest in Papua New Guinea.

Nickolay IV said his great great grandfather became acquainted to the people of Papua New Guinea back in the 1870’s when he first set foot on the shores of Rai Coast in Madang Province.

​K5,000 for UPNG WNB students

The funds will help students organise the WNB Day tomorrow in Port Moresby.

Maneke said culture and tradition is the backbone of every society and supporting the students is a good gesture.

He encouraged the students to not forget their origins and make it their priority to pass it on to the next generation.

"Strengthening our culture and traditional rituals are very important in our lives.

"Without our culture, we wouldn't know our existence,” Maneke stated.

EC will decide on polling extension: Jimmy

Provincial Returning Officer and NCD Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy, says the Commissioner has the authority to extend the exercise.

He said this after polling in four venues in NCD did not take place yesterday.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that he has been informed of the situation but is awaiting an official report from the respective returning officers.

The most notable is the situation at UPNG where polling did not eventuate.

Proposal for solar electricity at UPNG

The Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and accredited entity to the GCF, Asian Development Bank are developing the proposal.

The project proposal includes solar electricity production for buildings and for electric vehicles.

CCDA/ADB consultant Dennis Fenton says they could have enough solar power to provide electricity for the whole university and have electric vehicles in the university.

It is a self-contained project with availability of land and the partners are clearly identifiable.

VIDEO: UPNG to release revised strategic plan

The University will soon release a revised Strategic Plan 2017 to 2021.

The new Strategic Plan follows various consultations from both the private and public sector, which aims to continue maintain its status as the premier university of the South Pacific. 


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UPNG denies rumours of VC’s resignation

Loop PNG clarified this following rumours online about the resignation of Mellam, and his registrar, Jennifer Popat.

Director of UPNG's media unit, James Robins, has however confirmed that Popat is no longer the registrar, due to the completion of her contract term.

“The change has nothing to do with the current issues faced by the university,” states Robins.

As of March 31, 2017, Mrs Nakanat Kote started acting in the position.

Kote, from Manus Province, was the director of UPNG’s human resources management division.

UPNG students urged to get court injunction

This was the advice from Port Moresby General Hospital’s chief of emergency medicine, Dr Sam Yockopua, regarding the new K600 graduation fee.

“UPNG is robbing the students! It's daylight robbery,” Dr Yockopua, who is also involved in the training of medical students at the Taurama campus, told Loop PNG.

“They should not penalise the students for failures by UPNG or the Government.

“The students are completely innocent. This insanity must stop now.”

Graduating students barred from entering campus

One of the students told Loop PNG that he was told he might cause a riot, hence the security measure.

“The decision by the university and their reactions towards students’ concern and affairs is unbecoming of a leader.

“We expected more from them,” he said.

The graduating students have been pursuing the administration to justify the recently imposed K600 graduation fee, which does not include costs of the gown (more than K300) and hood (more than K200).