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UPNG mourns academic's passing


Her gentle smile and twinkling eyes will put even the most troubled soul at ease.

Married man arrested for holding woman captive


A married man has been sentenced to jail for holding captive another man’s wife and threatening to kill the rightful husband with a bush knife.

UPNG mourns academic's passing

Sadly, Mrs Garua Peni’s smile will no longer be seen at the University of Papua New Guinea.

This humble woman, who has touched so many lives, passed away in the early hours of this morning due to health complications.

Mrs Peni, who had been the UPNG Student Services Division director for over 10 years, stood in as mother for homesick students who had to come to Port Moresby to get their degrees.

The Student Services Division oversees the welfare of students, which saw Mrs Peni working closely with them on a regular basis.

Overpayment will be reimbursed: UPNG

His statement follows UPNG’s confirmation that the 2018 school fee structure will not be enforced as initially stated.

The decision to slash the revised K7,500 compulsory tuition fee to K2,939 was reached after the 24th January meeting with stakeholders.

Acting chancellor, Dr Nicholas Mann, clarified that normal reimbursement procedures will be applied.

UPNG confirms 2018 school fee structure

The council has agreed to apply the 2017 school fee structure where students are now required to pay K2,939 as compulsory tuition fee to be eligible for enrolment.

The decision to slash the revised K7,500 compulsory tuition fee to K2,939 was reached after the 24th January meeting with stakeholders.

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UPNG fees will not increase: Minister


After much deliberation, the higher education department has announced that the University of Papua New Guinea’s 2018 fees will not increase.

Parent concerned over UPNG fee


A concerned parent has called on the Government to look into the increased tuition fees at the University of Papua New Guinea.


Parent concerned over UPNG fee

John Unage, who has two teenagers that will be studying at the university this year, says he cannot afford the compulsory tuition fee announced by UPNG.

The UPNG Waigani’s tuition fee increased by more than 200 percent for 2018, from K2,939 to K7,500.

The Taurama Campus also increased its fees to over K9,000.

“I cannot afford this. This is too expensive,” he said.

“From K2,000 it has jumped up to K7,000. The O’Neill Government must revisit the free education policy. 

2018 new intakes award list for TESAS

As part of Loop PNG’s effort to reach out to our parents, students, readers and advertisers, this innovative idea helps all our users get information quickly and without hassle.

We are promoting the link to the Higher Education Department 2018 new intakes award list.

Click on the link for the full listing:


Congratulations to those students whose names are on the list.

UPNG 2018 non-school leavers, re-enrolment list

The University of PNG (UPNG) has once again posted its 2018 non-school leavers and re-enrolment list on its website (www.upng.ac.pg).

Clink on the link for the full listing:


According to UPNG, the orientation program for new students begins on February 6 whilst classes will formally start on February 19.

“All new students will receive a letter of offer with two invoices attached,” says UPNG.

2018 UPNG fee structure

According to UPNG, only the tuition fees have been increased.

This table displays the compulsory fees payable by all PNG citizen students:





UPNG Council confirms hike in fees

According to the UPNG Council, the decision was reached in light of the decrease in the annual budget provided by the Government and the increase in the annual costs of essential utilities to maintain the continued operations of the University’s teaching and learning activities.

The council said the increase also reflects the Consumer Price Index adjustment, which will affect both new and continuing undergraduate students.

They further clarified that the tuition fee increase does not apply to international students who enrol at UPNG for their studies.