University of Technology Council

Council distances itself from Schram’s arrest

Unitech reached an agreement with the former vice-chancellor following his judicial review proceedings, which were dismissed last month, to release Dr. Schram to leave the country with his final entitlements.

Since establishing this understanding, both parties have moved on.

Unitech understands that police are investigating a complaint lodged by the former council in 2012.

The university maintains its stance and clarified that it has nothing to do with these criminal investigations.

Unitech Council yet to reach decision on 2016 academic year

 Unitech Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan confirmed to Loop PNG this afternoon.

The Council had a meeting yesterday in Lae, Morobe Province.

 "Given the sensitivity, gravity and complexity of the matter it is incumbent that we clear legal and technical matters so I am not in a position to make any formal announcement to confirm Councils' decision," Sir Nagora said.

He added that a formal announcement will be made early next week after legal advice.