University of Papua New Guinea

Minister wants professionals to manage village

 He said while it will now remain the property of UPNG, the university does not have the capacity to manage it.

The village was constructed at a total cost of K240 million and consists of 30 buildings and more than 1,500 rooms.

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko says with such a state of the art facility, it needs to be outsourced to professionals to ensure that it’s run properly for the students as well as future sporting and major events in our country.

Convicted students lawyer ask for lenience sentencing

Tande Joseph and Peter Martin were found guilty to one count of manslaughter by Justice George Manuhu on April 15.

They were found guilty for the death of Obediah Igish, a third year Anthropology student who was involved in a drunken brawl with the accused at the University bus stop in 2012

They appeared in court today (June 17) where their lawyer asked for a sentence of seven years to be given.

They also asked that the court uses its digression to reduce the sentence or give them a non-custodial sentence.