University of Papua New Guinea

Conference an eye opener – Student

Newcrest Mining Ltd, in supporting the Chamber of Mines, sponsored the participation of five students.

David Riyong, a final year student in Geology, said he was privileged to be given the opportunity as it was his first time to attend such a conference where he gained useful information from the various topics presented at the three day conference.

“The conference was an eye-opener for me, as I never knew of the existence of certain mines operating within the country, thus this gives me greater understanding and knowledge, particularly in mining projects,’’ said Riyong

UPNG to host clean energy conference

With the growing renaissance on addressing energy deficiency in Papua New Guinea, this inaugural conference strives to bring together experts in PNG into one location to present, share and discuss ideas to increase the uptake of clean and renewable energy systems.

And now, with emphasis given to how research and projects undertaken in the higher education sector especially at the University of Papua New Guinea, a framework has been established to work towards achieving the National Energy Policy.

UPNG registration going paperless

 Among those changes will be the rollout of the paperless registration process which will see long registration lines become a thing of the past.

He says since the rollout of wifi internet access for students’ usage on campus, the university will be going paperless with its registration process.

Professor Mellam said a trial was carried out at the campus last Thursday which proved effective.

“Students will be able to register from their home provinces for the year before they fly in. Students will be able to access their timetable even before they come to school.”

Bougainville students win UPNG Soccer Association grand final

They defeated Morobe United 2-0 in the grand final today at the UPNG Oval.

The boys in orange proved too strong, scoring eight minutes into the game to make it 1-0 through Patrick Aisa right in front of net.

Real Blacks’ strong defence kept them from scoring despite several attempts.

Morobe had the advantage of height but were scoreless at half time 1-0.

The second half was intense as both teams showed off their skills while the game picked up momentum and the crowd were on their feet supporting their favourite team.

Medical Faculty upgraded

With recent sponsorship from AusAid, the Faculty has benefitted from upgrades to its facilities. Administration executive officer Philip Modudula says the new facilities will contribute, and have  already contributed, to the increase in standards of the study programs for students at the faculty.

Mr Modudula said that the Medical Faculty had often been mistaken as being an institute separate from the University of Papua New Guinea, and has had its budget cut by the university as a result of receiving the AusAid donations.

UPNG and Geo-hazards group sign deal

These staff are to work in areas of engineering geology, environmental geosciences, volcanology and seismology.

This saw a memorandum of understanding signed today between the University of Papua New Guinea and the Department of Mineral Policy and Geo-hazards Management through the Centre  for Disaster Reduction at UPNG.

This MOU will see a collaborative partnership to educate, train, develop and produce skilled personnel who will be able to understand the geo-hazards of PNG and the Pacific Islands.

University students raise funds for El Nino victims

The students aim to raise as much as they can towards El Nino relief for the worst affected areas in the Highlands region.

They will host a major fundraiser dance event at the Cosmopolitan on October 16 with tickets selling at K35 pre-sold and all funds raised will go towards this worthy cause.

Student representative and Miss UPNG 2015 Mary Konobo says they aim to raise enough funds to cater for essentials such as food and water for the worst affected areas.

Central day organizers admit lack of crowd control

In previous years, the union did not see that big a turnout which is why they opted to go to a smaller venue such as the Coronation Primary School grounds.

Winnie says that the crowd numbers overwhelmed the security guards that they arranged for, prompting them to call for police assistance that only arrived later on in the day.

The cultural day celebrations were marred with many complaints of pick pockets, drug and alcohol abuse as well as fights that kept breaking out all over the place.

Boy-girl ‘date’ leads to charges

The accused (name withheld) was charged with abduction, sexual penetration and intent to rape his 17 year old girl friend on August 23 in Port Moresby.

It is alleged the two went on a date that night and the girl did not return home, leading to the parents reporting the matter to police.

The boyfriend was arrested and charged on August 25 as a result.

His lawyer went before Committal Court magistrate Mekeo Gauli with a bail application on Tuesday (September 8) and was allowed bail at an amount of K1000.

PNG designed fonts to be launched

The new product designed and developed using cultural themes of Papua New Guinea by the Arts & Design Strand of the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) will be officially launched on the 11th of September at the university’s Ulli Beier Building.

The product called Kumul Fonts (KF), formerly Fantasy Fonts (FF), was developed as a project initiated by the Strand to promote Papua New Guinea culture through the modernisation of cultural themes and distribute worldwide.