Town mayor

The neglected island

The deteriorating state of the island in Western Province is blamed on the lack of political will, as Town Mayor Samuel Wingu pointed out.

Daru Island has a population of about 20,000 people while the island itself is as big as a suburb from Port Moresby or Lae City.

One would think that given its size, including being part of the few Torres Strait Islands, Daru and its people would be well off.

Sadly, this is not the case.

Town Mayor raises issues on hygiene

Madang Town Mayor Joe Yama revealed this in a press conference on Thursday in Madang Urban LLG Chamber.

Yama said the Madang town Authority understands the needs of the people and are allocating certain areas in the 10 wards of Madang Urban for informal markets with certain conditions that people sell only approved items and be mindful of their rubbish.

He said however, vendors resort to sell whatever they want and keep on throwing rubbish anywhere they want which is not right and against the set rules.