Timothy Masiu

Intruders pretending to be experts: MP

Deputy Opposition Leader and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu, sounded the warning recently in Lae when he launched the country’s second cocoa of excellence show to be held this July.

Masiu, who is a cocoa grower himself, sternly urged the Cocoa Board of PNG to be on the lookout, claiming intruders do not have or grow cocoa in their countries but were here pretending to be “experts” of cocoa and telling local farmers what to do with cocoa. 

Armed robbery prompts call for border post

Member for South Bougainville, Timothy Masiu, issued the call following an armed robbery at Maleai village, in the Solomon Islands on February 5th.

South Bougainville and Solomon Islands police reported a group of five suspects from Siwai, in South Bougainville, hijacked a banana boat and its skipper at gun point and ordered him to travel to Shortland islands.

There they held up a Chinese businessman at Maleai village, where they robbed him off beche-de-mer, solar panels, 200 litres of fuel, mobile phones and solar batteries.

Petty politics can jeopardise academic year: Opposition

Deputy Opposition Leader Timothy Masiu has described the decision by Minister for High Education, Science & Technology, Pila Niningi, to suspend the University Council and the acting Vice Chancellor, as an act of sabotage at the country’s highest learning institution.

He said the country’s top cream of students enter UPNG as one of the highest learning institution of the land and their studies cannot be jeopardised by petty politics of individuals.

South Bougainville MP concerned

The South Bougainville MP said recent incidents of violence and anti-social activities throughout Bougainville are undoubtedly sending the wrong signal to PNG and the international community.

“In terms of some of the killings and some destruction of properties and the general law and order situation on Bougainville, I’m just so worried because referendum is approaching and yet the people have not seen the real value of referendum.”

B’ville cocoa industry to be revived

Masiu plans to plant a million seedlings in the South Bougainville Region.

The seedlings will be supplied by Soroken Plantation.

The seedlings would be shipped from Hahon Island and distributed at specific locations in the South Region, mainly in the Buin, Bana, Siwai and Torokina districts.

Masiu earlier this year had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cocoa Board PNG for their expertise.

He now officially has two licences for nursery and freight.

Masiu is also pushing for an export licence to sell overseas.

JSB meeting a ‘breakthrough’

Shadow Minister for Bougainville Affairs and Deputy Opposition Leader, Timothy Masiu, said it addresses a lot of issues that have been lingering in the minds of Bougainvilleans, especially in regards to the issue of the Referendum Commission and the restoration development grants funding.

“On behalf of the Opposition and as Shadow Minister for Bougainville Affairs, I’m delighted that the ABG and the National Government can agree to some of the issues and move forward.”

Flight lights for Aropa Airport

Member for South Bougainville, Timothy Masiu, presented a part payment cheque of K100,000 of the total funding component to Air Niugini and NAC on Friday for the installation of Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI)/flight lights at Aropa Airport, Kieta, South Bougainville.

Once these lights are installed, Air Niugini would be able to operate jet aircrafts into Aropa Airport.

This airport is one of the oldest airports in PNG and the busiest because of the Bougainville Copper Mine.

Masiu appointed deputy opposition leader

When announcing the shadow cabinet, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said Masiu, 53, has a solid background in community socio-economic development issues and is destined to play a key role in Parliament as Deputy Opposition Leader.

Masiu, who entered Parliament after a by-election in July 2016 and regained his seat in the recent general election, spent his early career as a journalist and broadcaster prior to taking on key advisory roles in government.

South Bougainville to transform

Speaking during the Autonomous Bougainville Day celebrations over the weekend in Port Moresby, he also announced the re-establishment of the South Bougainville supply and tenders board.

Since getting into office during the 2016 bi-election, he has made it clear that Buin town as the capital of South Bougainville, must play an active role in service delivery.

“Our efforts have been geared into transformation, of transforming South Bougainville from a laid back and forgotten electorate, to a vibrant and progressive region of Bougainville ”  said Masiu.

Chan sad to see MPs defect

He sad the action by both MPs were disheartening after treating them as family.

Both Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon, and South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu, defected to the Government ranks last week. Philemon joined the United Resources Party (URP) while Masiu joins National Alliance (NA).