Thailand cave boys

First pics of boys in hospital

Several boys can be seen in facemasks and hospital gowns, at least one giving a victory sign for the camera.

Meanwhile, reports say the boys and the coach were sedated to stop them panicking during the dangerous rescue.

The Thai Navy Seals also released new video showing the three-day rescue operation that captivated the world.

Divers who took part in the operation said the boys were heavily sedated to avoid anxiety as they went through the dark, narrow, underwater passageways.

Thai survivors unable to attend WC

The 12 boys and their coach were trapped after heavy rain in northern Thailand on June 23 but their rescue has now been completed.

However, ex-Navy SEAL diver Saman Kunan died during the rescue effort.

It had been suggested the boys, members of the Wild Boars Football Club, could be invited to watch the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday.

Governing body FIFA confirmed it will meet the Football Association of Thailand but the team will not be able to attend the game.