tertiary institutions

Govt assistance for tertiary students will decrease

Secretary for Higher Education, Fr Jan Czuba, says the final list of students that will be released will depend on the funding allocation the Department receives.

Fr Jan said in 2018, only a small group will be sponsored under TESAS.

He said about 35 to 40, or less than that, will be receiving the Government assistance.

According to UPNG’s pro vice chancellor academic, Professor Mange Matui, about 7,000 Grade 12 students are selected to tertiary institutions every year. This is out of the 20,000 or so students.

Govt urged to invest more in tertiary institutions

Opposition Leader Don Polye called on the Government to focus on upgrading the universities as they educate the human resource of the country.

Polye highlighted that more funding should also be given to the technical and vocational schools as they develop the skills of Papua New Guineans.

The business, nursing and teachers colleges must also be given priority.

Polye explained that when these areas are overlooked and not properly funded, it becomes a chronic problem.