Sumkar Open

Basil welcomes Nangoi

While Sumkar has already been declared, being the first for Madang province people in the province are anticipating another declaration to come from the Madang  open seat.

The party leader was met by the Sumkar member elect and another Pangu member, Madang open candidate Bryan Kramer.

Sumkar Member declared!

PANGU candidate Chris Nangoi is the member-elect for Sumkar Open.

Nangoi was declared by returning officer for Sumkar Albert Gului at 11:45am today.

He unseated People's Progress Party candidate Ken Fairweather in a tight race.

The member-elect won with 8,763 votes, after elimination of the outgoing MP Fairweather, who distributed his 6,554 votes to the member-elect and runner up Sir Arnold Amet.

Sir Amet bowed out with 7,940 votes.

Sumkar RO said the member-elect had votes exceeding the absolute majority of 8,352... thus the declaration.