Last minute school shopping in nation’s capital

A particular shop at Boroko, Port Moresby, which sells schools uniforms for 150 schools in the National Capital District, opened its doors to parents for the whole day on Sunday to cater for parents’ last minute shopping.

The shop manager confirmed with Loop PNG that they expect more parents to rush in to buy school uniforms in the coming days.

Loop PNG caught up with mother of four, Tittianne August, who was out doing last minute shopping for school uniforms.

Education boss raise concerns on school dropouts

According to the Department of Education projections, it is assumed that possibly 70% or 140,000 will proceed into grade 9 and 10 secondary education.

However, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra has raised concerns as to where the students will be at the 6th Provincial Vocational Centres Co-ordinators’ Conference in Port Moresby on Monday.

“Where will these students go after Grade 10 if our upper secondary schools only cater for 50% of the graduands? 

“Where will these 105,000 students go to?  What will they be doing?

212,340 students to sit for examinations

A total of 63, 535 Grade 10 students will sit the examination which starts on Monday, October 10 and ends on Friday, October 14.

Following that, the Upper Secondary School Certificate Examinations (Grade 12) begins on Monday, October 17 and ends on Wednesday, October 26. A total of 24, 710 students are sitting this exam.

The Basic Education Examination will follow on Monday, October 24 and ends on Thursday, October 27. This exam will see a total of 124, 095 Grade 8 students throughout the country sitting for it.

Marus urged provinces to aid students' with fares

He said such incidences occurred unexpectedly and respective provinces must step in and help.

Marus was responding to questions from Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon regarding the airfares for the self-sponsored students.

He said the commencement of inclusive reconciliation strategy for all staff, students and management before classes must begin and Churches must be involved in the reconciliation process before the students go back to the campuses.

Police move in to control students clashing at Goroka campus

“The situation got out of hand, yesterday and today,” UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG this morning.  

He cannot confirm the number of students injured but said the casualities are from both sides was a result of stones being thrown and fired from slight shots and also spears from bows and arrows.  

 “A number of students have been injured and taken to the hospital,” Sukwianomb said.

“We have called Police in just now to, first stop the fight and evacuate the injured students.

Goroka campus on lock down as student factions riot

Reliable sources at the University of Goroka campus told Loop PNG that the fight broke among the faction of Chimbu/Goroka students and the Western Highlands/Enga students.

The source who wanted to remain unanimous because of safety reasons said the disagreement between the students started on Saturday where students attending their inservice training agreed to resume classes today but this did not go down well with other students.

Currently, the main gate at the campus is closed as people are gathering at the gates.

Students warned against committing crime

Year 12 legal studies students of Mainohana Catholic Secondary school in Bereina, Central Province were issued the warning by Criminal judge of 16 years, Justice Panuel Mogish. 

Justice Mogish warned the students against drinking and cult activities and also committing crimes that are normally committed by adults during the court user forum in the station on Friday.

PM O’Neill condemns agitators behind UPNG confrontation

The Prime Minister has further announced that an inquiry will be undertaken to determine the underlying reasons for continued student unrest promoted by individuals outside the student body.

The inquiry will also seek to uncover the source of external funding that has underwritten student protest in recent weeks.

“This protest and the factors that led to the incident today have been driven by people who are not students,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is now a law and order issues. We must obtain the facts and ensure this does not happen again in the future.

Police say situation at University is calm

Loop PNG was informed by a policeman that the situation is now under control.

He said policemen are now concentrating the manpower at Morata to stop fighting which as spilled over from the students protest.

Meanwhile, Police confirmed that the burning of the truck outside UPNG campus is the work of opportunists.

Sir Michael condemns actions of police at UPNG

Sir Michael in a statement said: "It is inexcusable that unarmed students are fired upon by police as they prepare to peacefully march on to Parliament.

"We need to establish who gave the orders for policemen to inflict harm on unarmed students. What warranted police to surround the campus in the first instance?

“Is the University safeguarding the interest of our young people?

"I call on police to stand down in the interest of the public, you are not there to protect the interest of individual politicians.”